Competition Draw - Spring 2019 - Mens Open Wednesdays

Games commenced Wednesday 24th September for the Spring 2019 Wednesday Mens Open competition.

Games are played at Avery Park, Fairfield West. Click Here for Venue Information.

There now have 12 teams registered on Wednesdays for the Spring Mens Open competition.

There are additional Mens Open competitions playing on Monday evenings.

There are games now running in 3 time slots; 7.00pm, 7.45pm & 8.30pm.

The Spring 2019 competition will be run as a graded competition.

Teams will play in a random draw for the first 5 Rounds.

Teams performances will then be assessed, with teams placed into 2 divisions with teams of similar capability, playing each other over the remaining 7 Rounds.

Results from the first 5 Rounds will contribute to a teams season standing in the competition table.

At the conclusion of Round 12, the top 4 teams will play in a Finals Series.

The Finals Series will be played in the following format;

  • Semi-Finals: 1v4, 2v3
  • Grand Final: Winners from Semi-Finals

Cash prizes are on offer for all the teams who make the Grand Final.

Winners of will also receive branded merchandise of their choosing.

Requests for non-competing game times for players playing in multiple teams has been supported as much as possible.

We have tried to support requests for early and late games, but this is not always possible.

Draw last updated Friday 11th October 2019 at 3.29pm.

Spring 2019 Wednesday Mens Open    
Avery Park    
Team 1 1 for 250 (West Virginia)    
Team 2 65 District    
Team 3 Avengers    
Team 4 Clip and Lock    
Team 5 Georges Team    
Team 6 Invictus    
Team 7 Orange Peelers    
Team 8 Raging Reds    
Team 9 Red Frogs    
Team 10 Tries n Lines    
Team 11 Unknownz    
Team 12 WP Boyz    
Round 1 Wednesday 25th September 2019
Game Time Team Name 1 v Team Name 2
6.30pm 65 District v Tries n Lines
7.15pm Avengers v Red Frogs
8.00pm Invictus v Orange Peelers
8.45pm Clip and Lock v 1 for 250
Bye Georges Team, Raging Reds, Unknownz & WP Boyz have the bye.
Round 2 Wednesday 2nd October 2019
Game Time Team Name 1 v Team Name 2
7.00pm 65 District v Unknownz
7.00pm Invictus v Red Frogs
7.45pm Clip and Lock v WP Boyz
7.45pm Georges Team v Tries n Lines
8.30pm Avengers v Raging Reds
8.30pm 1 for 250 v Orange Peelers
Round 3 Wednesday 9th October 2019
Game Time Team Name 1 v Team Name 2
7.00pm Georges Team v 65 District
7.00pm Avengers v Unknownz
7.45pm Orange Peelers v WP Boyz
7.45pm 1 for 250 v Red Frogs
8.30pm Clip and Lock v Tries n Lines
8.30pm Invictus v Raging Reds
Round 4 Wednesday 16th October 2019
Game Time Team Name 1 v Team Name 2
7.00pm Clip and Lock v 65 District
7.00pm Georges Team v Unknownz
7.45pm WP Boyz v Red Frogs
7.45pm Invictus v Avengers
8.30pm Orange Peelers v Tries n Lines
8.30pm 1 for 250 v Raging Reds
Round 5 Wednesday 23rd October 2019
Game Time Team Name 1 v Team Name 2
7.00pm Orange Peelers v 65 District
7.00pm Invictus v Unknownz *
7.45pm Red Frogs v Tries n Lines
7.45pm WP Boyz * v Unknownz *
7.45pm Raging Reds * v Georges Team *
8.30pm 1 for 250 v Avengers
8.30pm Clip and Lock v Georges Team *
8.30pm WP Boyz * v Raging Reds *
* Denotes 2 games to be played as Make Up.

The draw for Rounds 6 through 12 will be posted at the conclusion of the first 5 Rounds.