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Fairfield Tag League is an official chapter of the Tag League Association Inc. We have Mixed & Mens Senior Competitions that play from Mondays to Thursdays each week all year round, plus a Junior Competition that plays in Spring.


The Spring 2017 Senior Season is being played on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday nights at Avery Park or Endeavour Reserve at Fairfield West. The Junior Season will be played on Wednesday evenings at Avery Park. Senior Mens, Mixed competitions are being offered starting late September, Junior competitions start in October. Registrations are being accepted by Email & Fax, in person at the registration nights, or you can call 1800 466 090 if you have any questions.

Click Here for Spring 2017 Junior Competition Information

Click Here for Spring 2017 Junior Registration Information

Click Here for Spring 2017 Senior Competition Information

Click Here for Spring 2017 Senior Registration Information

The Tag League Association has a Facebook page, with updates on new season competitions being posted there. Click on the link, Like us, then join the Fairfield Tag League Group to keep up to date with the latest developments for the Fairfield Spring 2017 competition.

Players must pay ALL outstanding registration fees before taking the field for their first game. ALL Players MUST sign on with Photo ID each week. A match point penalty applies against teams for each person found NOT signed in. Additional penalties apply if unregistered players are found on the field.

Numbered Team Shirts are required by all teams by Round 3. Click on the link at the bottom right hand side of this page to order online, or speak with the supervisor at sign in on game day to place your order. Teams will have 1 match point deducted for each person not complying.

REFEREES NEEDED. Tag League is growing so we are in need of more referee's to officiate games. This is a well paid job which would ideally suit a person who has an interest in the sport & is looking for some part time income. FREE Tag League referee accreditation courses are now available, Click Here for details. If you are interested in becoming accredited, please contact us on 1800 466 090, or email us at: Referees@TagLeague.com.au

FREE Coaching is available for teams who feel they could use some support. Click on the Tag League Coaching tab to the left for more information.

Next Games are:

Avery Park

Spring Mens & Mixed Mondays
Round 4 - 23rd October 2017

Spring Mens & Mixed Wednesdays
Round 5 - 25th October 2017

Spring Teen Tag Mixed
Round 3 - 25th October 2017

Spring Junior U12's Combined
Round 2 - 25th October 2017

Endeavour Reserve

Spring Mixed Tuesdays
Make Up - 24th October 2017

Spring Mens Thursdays
Round 4 - 26th October 2017

Spring Registrations:

 Junior & Senior Late Registrations are still being accepted via email & fax, or if you have questions, call 1800 466 090.

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