Best & Fairest Competition - Spring 2016 - Thanks to Grill'd

Thanks to Grill'd at Wetherill Park, we ran a Best & Fairest Competition for the Spring 2016 Season.

Starting from Round 6 in all senior competitions, team captains & referee's nominated people who they thought were noteworthy at the end of each game. We kept a record of these nominations, there were about 180 each week. Finals series games were not included so that all players had the same opportunity to score nominations. The overall winners in each division receive a custom Best & Fairest Jacket plus 2 Free Burger Vouchers from Grill'd at Wetherill Park. For the sake of fairness, there were a few rules;

  • This award is open to all registered players during the duration of the normal season (excluding finals), with nominations accepted from Round 6 onwards.
  • It is a condition of registration that ALL players wear numbered shirts.
  • The referee will take note of nominations based on the shirt number of the person nominated.
  • Nominations;
    • At the conclusion of each game, players will be nominated as follows:
    • Each captain will select a player from the opposing team.
    • The match referee will select one player from either team.
    • This will total 3 nominations per game.
    • Should a captain not wish to make a nomination, the referee will nominate on their behalf.
    • A player may receive more than one nomination per game.
    • The player with the most nominations in every division at the end of the season will be declared the winner.
    • In the event of a draw, the player with the most nominations from the referees will be declared the winner.
  • Selection Criteria. A player may be nominated based on their;
    • Level of Sportsmanship
    • Spirit of participation
    • Contribution to the result of the game
  • Ineligibility;
    • In the event that a game is prematurely ended (called off), neither captain will be required to nominate a player.
    • The referee, at his discretion, may nominate a player from a game that has been called off.
    • A player, who has been sent from the field, may not receive a nomination for his or her participation during that game.
  • Claiming Prizes;
    • Winners will be announced on Facebook and on this web site.
    • Winners will be notified via Phone or email based on the registration information they have provided.
    • Every attempt possible will be made to contact the winners.
    • Winners simply need to make contact with Tag League to arrange to collect their prize. This can be done via Phone (1800 466 090), Email or Messenger.
    • Prizes can be collected from the field on game nights or it can be posted to them.
    • Winners will need to identify themselves satisfactorily with Photo Id.
    • Winners have until 12Noon on the 10th June 2017 to claim their prizes.

And the Winners are…… 

Mens Monday

  • Division 1 – Unknownz – David Sisifa
  • Division 2 – Designated Drinkers – James Kennedy
  • Division 3 – From Behind – Su Ngo
  • Division 4 – The Units – Michael David 

Mixed Tuesday

  • Division 1 – Equal Nominations / Joint Winners
    • Marvin and Cheamys Big Off Season – Troy Marchant
    • Slippery Gypsies – Somrachanar Phar
  • Division 2 – Smokos  – Hussein Al Muthafar
  • Division 3 – Just Tag It  – Tina Phan
  • Division 4 – Dog Party – Adrian D'Onofrio 

Mens Wednesday

  • Ungraded  – WP Boys – Corey Harland

Mixed Wednesday

  • Division 1 – Black & White – Sarah Inwyia
  • Division 2 – Old Timers – Johnathon  Moore

Mens Thursday

  • Division 1 – The Prodigies – Ben Pickersgill
  • Division 2 – S.W.R – Temaire Tareke

Mixed Thursday

  • Division 1 – Tagnettos  – Christopher Hamid
  • Division 2 – The Outsiderz – Dean Afualo
  • Division 3 – Dilis – Joyce Arifeae

Congratulations to everyone on an outstanding achievement.